About Us  APU is united by a strong desire to deliver quality designs that touch people’s lives and hearts.  We believe that each project -- whether it’s a large-scale redevelopment project or a private residential project -- should be treated with professionalism and flexibility. Working as a collaborative design studio, our team is dedicated to creating timeless, avant-garde and innovative designs that respect and exceed the needs of the clients, accompanied by professional management skill and great technical knowledge, from regulation to tendering to compliance.
Philosopy  WE DESIGN FOR QUALITY. We believe that great designs balance aesthetic desire and functional need at the same time. APU aims to share our knowledge on architecture and design with our clients and set a standard for the industry. Architecture captures the history, culture and technology of society at that specific moment. APU is devoted to crafting timeless designs and offering impeccable service that showcase the beauty of architecture. 
Services  Our team of Hong Kong-based international experts specializes in master planning, architecture, building consultancy, interior design, and product design, serving clients from Greater China to Asia to all over the world. With a deep understanding of the physical uniqueness and cultural context of each site, the team adopts design approaches that are inspiring, distinctive, practical and personal.

BIM Pioneer  APU is one of the pioneers of the region in implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) in building design and project management. The top-notch technology smooths the design and construction processes by providing comprehensive, efficient and accurate solutions to our clients and other consultants at an early stage.
关于我们  APU 一直以来坚持以优质设计改善生活同时感动心灵。 APU团队相信每个项目 - 不论是大型重建项目还是私人住宅项目 - 都值得以专业性和灵活性来对待。团队合作恰如一所协作设计工作室,每人都致力于创造具前瞻性和创新的设计,并辅以专业管理技能和丰富的技术性知识,由建筑规例以至工程投标等,回应及超越客户所需。

理念哲学  优质 。设计。我们相信好的设计能同时平衡美学愿望和功能需求。 APU希望与我们的客户分享建筑和设计方面的知识,并为行业制定专业标准。建筑学能捕捉社会于当时当刻的历史、文化和技术,APU致力于创作永恒的设计,并提供无可挑剔的服务,来展现建筑之美。
专业服务  我们驻香港的国际专家团队专门提供总体规划,建筑设计,建筑顾问,室内设计及产品设计等服务,业务遍及大中华地区,亚洲乃至全球。我们团队用心了解每个项目环境的独特性及其文化背景,规划出具启发性,独特,实用和个人化的设计方案。
BIM 先鋒   APU是地区行业中采用建筑信息模型(BIM)的先锋,利用先进的建筑科技,大大提升建筑设计和项目管理能力,于早期阶段为我们的客户和其他顾问提供全面和准确的解决方案来改善设计和施工流程。