The ‘Alessi in love’ competition is about a product design for a love gift. APU enters the competition with a candy case for Chinese to use in Lunar New Year. Lunar Chinese New Year is one of the most important traditional Chinese holiday. It is the day where all family members get together; reunion, and share the harmony, joy & LOVE. 
全盒"A Box of Completion" is generally a traditional container used to store variety of food during New Year, like preserved dried candied fruits, seeds and candies. As the size of nuts, candies are all in different sizes, the design concept is a Tangram that we divide the boxs into different sizes and shapes. With the modules,  animals from the Chinese Zodiac could be arranged  to match with the year of animals.
APU在ALESSI IN LOVE中用「全盒」作为参赛项目。这是由于比赛围绕送出「爱」给身边的人,而「全盒」为中国新年节日一件非常重要的东西,因为拜年时一家人通常都会围在一起吃年货,笑谈一下过去一年的趣事等。设计的灵感来自七巧板。将一个方形的「全盒」分为几个不同形状的图形。根据不同的排法,可以砌成不同生肖。既可以盛载糖果、果仁,又可以跟家人一同拼砌。
Info: A box of love 爱的「全盒」
Client 客户: Alessi Competition
Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途
Date 日期: 12.2013
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