Interior Refurbishment of APU Office, Kwun Tong

Location 位置: Kwun Tong, HK 香港观塘    Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途    Date 日期: 2014

There was just a little fine tuning required to create an open, functional office to APU - the walls were removed to create a larger space visually. The first stage of the interior refurbishment was to remove the walls and replaced by the glass partition. The glass partition help bring in more light to every corner of the working area. Apart from the space rearrangement, designer employed the natural wood pattern for the cabinet, shelves, and floor. Showing the lines of plywood shelves can largely enhance the layering for the materials. 
Conference room is separated with glass sliding doors. The sliding door can keep open when free. You can also lock it up while the conference room is in used. In addition to the basic lighting function, chandelier is employed to embellish the conference room. With the plain white wall, it can also be used as projection screen. Moreover, the designer used a special texture material - gray plastic carpet for toilet walls, in which to highlight how APU concerned about the use of materials.

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