Location: Wanchai, Hong Kong 地點: 香港灣仔 | Organizer: GRAPHISOFT 主辦單位: GRAPHISOFT​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​As a Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) consultant, APU's BIM software is now upgraded to ARCHICAD 22. BIM is an emerging global trend in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) market which improves the project coordination, productivity, cost effectiveness and quality of design and construction. All our projects have been fully implemented with the latest technology of BIM. For further information about the industry-leading BIM software, please contact us or visit the following link to take a fresh look: http://archicad.com/en/archicad-22/​​​​​​​
 作为建筑讯息模型 (“BIM”)顾问,APU的建模软件已全面提升至ARCHICAD 22。 建筑信息模型是建筑学、工程学 及土木工程的新工具,近年非常流行于建筑设计元素应用,有效加强项目所有环节的联合和相互合作,大大提高项目效率及成本效益。 APU已于各项目全力推行BIM。  如欲进一步了解,欢迎联络我们,或参考以下网址: http://archicad.com/en/archicad-22/   

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