Organizer 主办单位: GRAPHISOFT   |   Venue 地点: Wanchai, Hong Kong 香港湾仔   |   Date 日期: 2018
APU's BIM professional team has completed GRAPHISOFT’s Train the Trainer event in July 2018. APU is devoted to providing up-to-date BIM technology to our clients which greatly improves the architectural design and documentation workflow for building projects and significantly improves construction modeling, information management and 2D performance.
APU的BIM专业团队于2018年7月完成了GRAPHISOFT的专业证书课程。 APU将继续致力推行BIM,并为客户提供最新的BIM技术,在设计、项目管理及工程等各方面大大提高效率。

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