Architectural and Design for Zhejiang Construction Investment Group Corporation, Ltd

Location 位置: Kwun Tong, HK 香港观塘   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2017

APU provided design services for renovation of office lobby, conference rooms and office for Zhejiang Construction Investment Group Corporation, Ltd at Standard Chartered Tower. The whole idea of the project was to create a premium office design with an appearance as classy as five-star hotel. APU designed a unique white marble signature wall at the lobby, considering that  marble was widely recognized as a beautiful and elegant material for luxury interiors. Featured by white furniture, the lobby was extremely bright and elegant.
Two conference rooms located right next to lobby were built with sound proofing glass wall and curtains. The transparent glass wall visually connected the conference rooms and lobby forming a large spacious greeting area while the sound proofing function and curtains allowed privacy for meeting uses. The floor finish featured with patterned carpet which sharply contrasted with  the furniture and created uniqueness. The conference rooms were also upgraded with new facilities such as high-tech equipment and video conference as well as a library corner for staff’s leisure use. In consideration of the wide city view at the office area, APU maximized the use of natural light and attempted to create a balance between modern city life and the nature.

APU参与了浙江省建设投资集团股份有限公司香港办公室的室内设计及建造项目,这个项目包括大堂、会议室及办公室的翻新工程。为了提升整体格调,大堂的设计以酒店大堂为蓝本,以白色的家俬和云石特色墙作为亮点,营造明亮又高贵的风格,预人焕然一新的感觉。 面向大堂的两个会议室均采用隔音玻璃墙设计配以活动窗帘,玻璃墙使会议室和大堂融为一体,令整个空间变得宽敞,隔音功能及活动窗帘亦使其兼备私隐度。 APU亦特别为客户采购了特式花纹地毡,与家俬形成强烈对比,极具风格,增加了会议室的现尚感。此外,会议室亦增设了各种设施,,例如先进的仪器、视频会议,提高运营效率,以及新设计的图书角,为员工提供休憩地方。为保持办公室位置的开扬景观,整体设计着重自然采光,大面积的玻璃窗带入舒适明亮的自然光,具有延伸视线效果,加上户外自然风光,为混凝土工作空间注入朝气,在闹市中提供一个舒适的工作环境。
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