The client has given APU a challenge with a brief that says ‘a residential development that cannot be bought by money’. The development consists of 1 clubhouse, 1 master house, 3 children house and 6 guest house. The main feature of the children house is the courtyard that punches through almost all of the levels to give a garden in the interior. The houses accommodation was design based on the surrounding terrain and thus an indoor private terrace for the Zen. 
APU为文莱斯里巴卡旺市一个独立住宅总体规划项目提供初步空间设计。 ” 设计无法用金钱来衡量” 是客户提出的项目的条件, 对APU来说也是一个挑战。发展项目包括1间会所,1间主人独立住宅,3间孩子独立住宅和6间客人住宅。孩子独立住宅主要特点是,内部庭院打通所有楼层,形成内部私人的绿色空间。房子的每层住宿是根据周围的地形设计,与周围的地形和谐适应。
Info 资料: Children Houses Design in Brunei 文莱独立住宅的孩子房设计设计
Location 位置: Kianggeh, Brunei 文莱斯里巴卡旺市 
Client 客户: Brunei's Developer 文莱发展商 
Type 类型: Residential 住宅用途 
Area 总面积: GFA 932 sq.m. 932平方米
Date 日期: 11.2013
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