Community College Renovation Design Concept 

Location 位置: Ma On Shan, HK 香港马鞍山   |   Type 类型: Institutional 教育机构   |   Date 日期: 2014
APU understand that the proposed works is to convert the uses of the classrooms and common area to improve the teaching and learning environment for the Post-Secondary Students at the Community College. We realised that there are some design elements will be remained unchanged in the coming renovation. We suggested that the new design for the future use will develop from those elements so that the school is united as a whole. The identity for each area is important for a vibrant school life. Lighting and the treatment of floor finishes, colours of the wall will enhance the atmosphere of the areas. We think that even materials of cheaper cost can also achieve great effect if special colour or treatment is applied. As a school project, APU will suggest the best material and innovative use of materials for the College.

APU意识到此设计计划是为学院的大专生转换教室和公共区域的使用以提升教学水平和学习环境。我们知道这次设计的元素在未来将保持不变。于是我们建议未来的新设计将会发展自这些元素,使学校有更佳的统一性。 APU明白为每个不同区域定位对充满活力的校园生活是非常重要。灯光的使用与地面的处理,墙身颜色的不同都可以大大增强区域中的气氛。我们认为如果颜色与物料的处理相宜,即使是使用便宜的物料也可以达到理想的效果。所以APU会建议选用最好和创新的物料为学院进行设计。
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