Interior Refurbishment for Honey Crème Ice-Cream Group, Hong Kong
Honey Crème雪糕集团香港室内设计及建造

Causeway Bay Branch 铜锣湾店
Location 位置: Causeway Bay, HK 香港铜锣湾   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2014

Franchising the premium soft ice-cream formula imported from Taiwan, Hong Kong Honey Creme would like to produce its own taste of architecture in Causeway Bay. The shop is quite small in area, however, APU thinks that a little bit set back of the shop can open-up the corner and attract more customers. The mainstream colours continue using the bee’s colour - black and yellow. APU added more natural colour and surface to stand out in this busy downtown. The mirror background of the little display for the honeycomb lets customer discovering the freshness of the ingredients. The two blackboard at the sides allow the owner to promote their latest product and associate to the school life which make produce a younger image of the shop.

Tsim Sha Tsui Branch 尖沙咀店
Location 位置: Tsim Sha Tsui , HK 香港尖沙咀   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2014

Honey Crème’s new branch in Tsim Sha Tsui has a narrow shop front with a pillar stands right in the middle. Hence, APU divides the shop front into two sections, the cashier and the ice-cream pick-up area. Beside, using diagonal counters can greatly increase the length of the shop. For the shop style, use of black, white and yellow colors of ceramic tiles to carry out and create a neat and coherence shop image. In addition, a full-height blackboard and retro shelf are placed at one of the corner, which is designed for customer to take some snapshots with every unique ice-cream.

Honey Crème 在尖沙咀的分店铺面较铜锣湾为窄,加上柱置于中间,所以在怖局上比较困难。 APU将铺面分为收银落单及取雪糕处两个部分,利用放斜柜面以增加长度。至于店铺风格方面,贯彻Honey Crème 的颜色,以黑、白及黄的瓷砖去营造简洁的铺面。其中一个角落放置了全高的黑板及复古层格,去让顾客Snap Shot各款别出心裁设计的独特雪糕。

Yuen Long Branch 元朗
Location 位置: Yuen Long , HK 香港元朗   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2015

APU continues Honey Crème's shop style in its Yuen Long new branch. The two facade facing the street which are the cashier counter and the ice-cream pick-up counter.  Under the counter, the display for the honeycomb use the mirror background to let the customer discovering the freshness of the ingredients. A Honey Crème light box and the black board for owner to promote their latest product are placed  on the wall facing the main street. Although the shop is smaller, APU designed all the detailed elements and made it a fun project to share the happiest of having dessert with Honey Creme. 
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