“In Style Hong Kong” Symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia
「时尚潮流.魅力香港」博览会, 印尼雅加达

Organizer 主办单位: HK Trade Development Council 香港贸易发展局   |   Location 地点: Jakarta, Indonesia 印尼雅加达   |   Date 日期: 2015

In mid September 2015, APU attended “In Style Hong Kong” Symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia, a largescale promotion on Hong Kong Design Industry, organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Indonesia has the most populous and the largest economy in ASEAN and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. APU was honored to be part of the delegation and introduced our professional architectural services to the booming market.

APU于二零一五年九月出席了由香港贸易发展局于印尼雅加达举行的 “时尚潮流。魅力香港” 博览会。印尼是东南亚国家联盟中拥有最多人口及最大规模经济的国家,也是全球的新兴市场之一。 APU很荣幸成为代表团之一,并与当地精英交流,一起向这个急速发展的市场推广我们的专业服务。
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