Nga Tsin Wai formed an inter-village union called the ‘Kowloon League of Seven’ with the nearby villages to guard against any attacks and disturbances from the pirates and bandits. Nga Tsin Wai hadbeen the head village of the League. However all the League’s member villages except Nga Tsin Wai had been cleared. 
ANullah is passed via the city provides the potential to enhance the community environment. Besides, location of Nga Tsin Wai village also suggests its possibilities to serve the community and its value. 
Theconstruction of Nga Tsin Wai village follows the traditional Chinese walled village layout. It was square shaped and with an eastern facing entrance. Sevenrows of houses are separated by six narrow alleys.
Info: The Last Walled Village in the city
Location:  Nga Tsin Wai Village, HK
Type: Residential
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