Rebuild of Che Ha Private House

Location 位置: Sai Kung, HK 香港西贡   |   Type 类型: Residential 住宅用途   |   Date 日期: 2016

APU used different material and special diagonal line designed this modern style village house. For the facade design, wood pattern, beige and black tiles are the base tone of the whole facade. Some area also use paint and cast stone to highlight. Diagonal lines were used to divide different zoning of the tiles. The design of the balcony’s balustrade also continues this style. The division of the concrete balustrade and glass balustrade used a continuous diagonal line from first floor to second floor, which divided the private and open space in a special way. On the other side of the balcony, composite woods were used to create a continuous fencing wall which created another special spot for this house.

輋下村的用家喜爱中式风格也热爱现代简约风, 于是APU利用多种不同材质以及独特的斜线条设计了这栋极具现代风格的村屋。外墙设计上,APU选用了木纹色、米黄色和黑色的砖作为外墙的主基调,部分地方使用油漆和文化石作为强调。不同颜色砖的区域利用富动感的斜线条进行分割,露台的水泥半身高围栏及玻璃围栏也延续了这种线条,巧妙的分开了半开放的私密空间和开放空间。露台的一边利用户外木打造了一个木栏屏风,增加特色的同时也使二楼和三楼有延续的感觉。
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