Location 位置: Tseung Kwan O Plaza, Tsueng Kwan O, HK 香港將軍澳將軍澳廣場 | Type 类型:  Commercial 商业用途 | Date 日期: 2016
Joyful And Health Chinese Medicine Centre provides people-oriented Chinese medical care. While Chinese medicine centres are generally ingrained with old and traditional-style, APU focused on mix-and match of modern and traditional materials in the design. The combination of the newly added retail counter and the traditional consultation services introduced a new image for the group and broadened customer base. 
Echoing the company image, the new branch is designed in orange and natural tones. The use of light colored wood furniture matched perfectly with the simple yet professional image of Chinese medicine centre. Mix-and-match of wood and stainless-steel metal materials as well as the special arrangement of lighting design comes together to introduce subtle elegance and modern style. The shopfront is featured by the display wall and reception counter furnished at the centre of the lobby. APU designed a pentagonal reception counter to define two zones: Retail & Clinic, which disperses the pedestrian flow of retail and consultation while utilizing the space.
位于将军澳广场的新店,设计上贯彻公司品牌形象,以橙色及浅木色为主调,选材以木造家俬为主,保留中医专业、朴素的形象。 APU在设计中加入不锈钢金属材料,并借灯光设计,增加现代及优雅格调。新店入口设计以接待处及陈列架置中,APU设计了一个五角形的接待处去划分零售及诊所区域,善用空间之余,亦有效分流零售及诊症的人流。

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