Location 位置: Kwun Tong,HK 香港观塘 | Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途 | Date 日期:11 .2015
Founded in 1871, Hamburg Süd, Germany has evolved from a conventional shipping company into an international logistics organization. The design idea for the new office was originated from the company’s primary business, the shipping business. Inspired by the diagonal lines of ships, APU applied similar design ideas to the use of furniture, spatial arrangement and feature wall design for the interior design of Hong Kong Head Office. As the company pursued a simple and elegant design for the new office, APU adopted clean and clear design with white and light wood color theme for a natural yet classy office atmosphere. In order to promote the company’s long history and renowned business ranking, APU particularly decorated the new office with world maps and the company’s photos. In particular, the feature wall of the conference room was printed with a world map to enhance privacy as well as feature a modern style.
德国汉堡南美船务集团成立于1871年,从一家传统的船运公司发展成为一家国际化的运输物流组织。新香港总部办公室的设计理念源于公司的主要业务 -- 船务,APU特意把船的对角线意念运用在家具、空间布局和功能墙的设计上。客户一直追求简洁优雅的设计,因此,APU以简洁的线条,配以优雅的白色配色与浅木色为主题色,效果自然又不失气派。汉堡南美船务集团历史悠久,其航运业务更是现今世界上最大的运输公司之一,APU特意于设计上加入世界地图和公司的照片,以带出公司历史以及其业务在世界的重要性。会议室亦特别用上印有世界地图的半透明贴纸于特色墙,既可增加私隐度,又可集合时尚与实用于一身。​​​​​​​

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