Location位置: Lee Tung Avenue, Wanchai, Hong Kong 香港湾仔利东街 | Type 类型:  Commercial 商业用途 | Date 日期:  2016 
The design for the new branch of THE ELEPHANT Salon Group follows the brand’s elegant European Style. The new branch is comprised of an extension of the existing hair services as well as an addition of retail business of hair products and hair accessories, which not only aimed to extend the potential customer base, but also diversify the services and products offered by the Client that is considered a milestone of the Group’s expansion. For utilization of space, APU balanced the need for hair service zone and retail zone. In order to enhance the display space for retail zone, APU designed custom-made display shelves to increase the flexibility for product display and the attractiveness of the shop front appearance.
THE ELEPHANT 发廊集团位于湾仔利东街的分店设计贯切品牌的欧式优雅风格。 新店除了扩展原来的理发服务外,还增设发品及发饰零售,除了扩大顾客层面外,还为顾客提供更多元化的选择,配合集团的业务扩展。 在空间运用方面,APU平衡了理发区域及零售区域,为了提高零售区域的陈列空间,APU 设计出不同的陈列架,以不同方式陈列货品,提供弹性并增加店面吸引力。

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