Location 位置: Tuen Mun 香港屯门 | Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途  | Date 日期: 2015 
A Chinese medicine clinic is refurbished from the generic western clinic in Tuen Mun. Given the limited space of the clinic, APU interior design work becomes a challenge. The clinic has been designed with a combination of wood pattern and light color in order to create a relaxing environment and a sensation of nature. By highlighting the uniquely designed furniture with bright orange colour, it further enhances the clinic with lively and contemporary design. In order to utilize the limited space the clinic, the display area was embedded into the reception and waiting area. The glass store front also adds the sense of space and lighting to the clinic.
APU为屯门庄柏医疗诊所重新设计为中医诊所,中医一贯形象是天然的养生治疗,在设计上主要采用木纹以及浅色系物料,以色彩自然,纹理清晰来营造令人放松的感觉。除以木系色调作蓝本外,设计上亦加入鲜橙色的细节,两者巧妙地和谐融合,使一向给人传统感觉的中医诊所增加现代感和空间感。因为诊所的位置有限,在设计中着重灵活运用有限空间。 APU特别于接待处和等候处增加陈列部分,使中医诊所有足够展示空间,并以玻璃店面设计加强诊所的空间感和光感。​​​​​​​

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