Location 位置: Tsuen Wan 香港荃湾   |Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2017
APU was engaged in the interior refurbishment for the office tower at KOLOUR 1 by Henderson Group and Luk Hoi Tung. The project covered the interior refurbishment for fifteen floors of lavatories and service corridors. Not only is the main focus of the refurbishment to re-image the office tower, but also to improve the sanitary fitment, in particular, the E&M installments. APU adopted a grey cool colour tone to bring in a modern design feel. Marble-pattern plastic laminates and tiles were used as the main wall finish whereas the basin area was designed in one-stop concept to mitigate the common basin pooling problem. The designer also emphasized on the lighting and signage arrangement at the lavatory exterior and corridors to introduce brightness and sense of spaciousness.​​​​​​​

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