Location 位置: Mong Kok, HK 香港旺角 | Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途 | Date 日期: 2016
The Grand HD Endoscopy Centre provides one-stop endoscopy services, comfortness, operational smoothness and high level of privacy set the criteria of the design. In consideration of the general anxiety of the patience, APU designed a warm decored centre, giving a cozy ambience and peace of mind. The zoning of the centre such as consultation rooms, surgery rooms, recovery rooms, etc, also ensured the operational efficiency and effectiveness while the overall design is kept to be clean and spacious.
Simplicity meets elegance, the clinic features earthy, natural tones and creates a comfortable atmosphere, which breaks with the traditional clinical white design, yet maintains the professional medical image. The design team put an emphasis on natural-toned elements and particularly designed a unique “grey stone” feature wall at the reception. The plastic laminate stone used for the feature wall not only reduced the cost and leading time, it also provided good protection and is easy to maintain. The match of the false ceiling design and the arrangement of lighting design not only enhanced the sense of spaciousness but also increased the interior luminance.
医疗中心设计优雅,主要以柔和的自然系色调装饰,打破了医疗中心纯白光亮的传统设计,同时又保留了中心的专业形象。为加添自然系元素,APU于中心的接待处设计了灰色石纹特色墙,在视觉上营造独特的质感。选料之石纹胶板,不单简化了制作功夫,亦有效控制成本。 APU亦特别设计了不同层次的假天花,加上巧妙的灯光装置编排,延展视觉上的空间感。

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