Location 位置: Quarry Bay, HK 香港鲗鱼涌 | Type 类型: Residential 住宅用途 | Date 日期: 2014
Can you imagine what would be like when dance art meets design? Completed in 2013 by APU, the interior design project custom made for the home of a ballet dancer and architectural designer outshined those of the rest apartments in Kornhill, an upscale housing estate at Quarry Bay. The 3-bedroom residential apartment covers more than 700sq.ft. With all the partitioning walls removed, the design features a studio-esque open plan that allows full flexibility in the use of space -- such as creating a ball room or for throwing a home party. Wooden floors and plywood cabinets possess the unadorned beauty of nature, whereas the bright yellow applied to recessed slots and table legs highlights the contrast with the wooden materials and lightens the ambience. Most of the furniture can be moved around or can function as storage space. The tatami is laid out on a raised platform for better access to the sunlight passing through the big bay window. White tiles with black grouts in distinct European style fill up the walls of the washroom and the kitchen.

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