Location 位置: Tsuen Wan, New Territories 荃灣新界 | Type 类型: Community | Date 日期: .2015
The elderly centre owned by Lok Sin Tong served the elderly who like to exercise and communicate with their neighbour. Colourful tone is used to apply on feature wall to highlight different function areas, and which could be represented the energy of the elderly as well. The sliding panel in activity room can be adjusted and provides space that needed according to different scales of lecture or exercise, it can be combined with the common area and formed a full-open area for big scale of party. 
乐善堂尹立强敬老邻舍中心专为社区内长者而设,长者能够在内享用各种康乐设施,并增加与邻里沟通的机会。APU 为中心设计了富有丰富色彩的特色墙,在表现长者的活力同时用作划分不同功能的标志。另外活动室内的活动门能够作出不同大小的空间变化,能够符合各种活动的空间要求,把全部活动门开放後,形成一个可作大型活动的空间。

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