Location 位置: Sheung Wan, HK 香港上环 | Client 客户: Private Client 私人客户 | Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途 | Area 总面积: GFA 464 sq.m.464平方米 | Date日期: 9.2013
Shelter lounge is a modern bistro and lounge located in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong. It’s an all-day kind of place where you can drop in to enjoy seriously good food. The food defies description: a distinctive mix of global flavors – Mediterranean, Asian, Scandinavian – with a “twist”. Drawing inspiration from the most fresh and unique ingredients – sourced locally and internationally – the kitchen team produces a seasonal menu of sharing plates that is simple and fresh, with bold, intense flavors. Signature dishes include seafood and fennel salad in a yuzu soy dressing, salt-crusted barramundi, and hanger steak with a trio of mustards.
The 2-floor venue is sophisticated and relaxed – our ground floor area is a light and spacious room with high ceilings and a large glass shop frontage; the upstairs is a cosy, candlelit hideaway. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a variety of dining and lounging options available – outdoor garden, private rooms, open guest kitchen, and huge sharing tables (check out the 6m long communal table made from a single log of zitan wood).
Shelter lounge is committed to creating an all-out, all-round dining experience. “The intention was to have a place that was more than just a restaurant,” says the team behind the concept. “We wanted to create a place that was welcoming, modern and urban – a genuine and generous environment where people can feel comfortable to eat, try their hand at cooking or just lounge with a coffee and a good book. We continue on with enthusiasm, passion and an unswerving attention to detail that creates, what we hope is, a simple place with some really spectacular food.”
Shelter lounge是位于香港的上环区的一间现代化的餐馆。这是一个全天候的地方让你在任何时间都可以品尝到美食。餐厅两层的怖置既精致又轻松:一楼利用了大型落地玻璃及高楼底的设计从而营造一个宽敞明亮的空间;楼上则是一个舒适的烛光世外桃源。餐厅气氛温馨,并拥有多种餐饮和休闲方式,如户外花园,私人房间,开放式自助厨房和巨大的共享桌面可供选择。 Shelter lounge致力于打造一个全面且全方位的用餐体验。餐厅背后的概念不仅仅是一家用餐的地方,更希望让顾客可在热闹的城市中找到一间环境既舒适又温馨的餐厅。不论想亲自烹调的你,还是只想休闲地阅读和喝咖啡的你,Shelter lounge都会一直充满热情和对细节坚定不移的关去注满足顾客的需要。

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