Location 位置: Tsim Sha Tsui, HK 香港尖沙咀 | Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途 | Date日期: 2.2014 - 6.2014
APU breaks away from the generic clinic interior design when working on Ocean Center, a 900 sq.ft project at Tsim Sha Tsui completed in 2014. On the whole, the clinic presents a cozy and casual vibe through the use of materials -- primarily wood, raw plastic laminate, Vinyl, glass, and so forth. The reception lobby draws visitors' attention to its unique ceiling decorated by several round features; when looking downwards, the Vinyl flooring creates a warm and cozy impression. With a concise style, the sofa greets visitors at the corner, where television feeds is available and handy brochures are neatly placed on the rack. Walking further into the doctor's room, uniquely designed cabinets allow different type of display and maximize the storage space. Hidden medical box ensures smooth and private conversations between doctors and nurses. Additional creativity is embedded in the design of the double-layered sliding shelves. With movable design, it accommodate scores of patients' medical records and other documents that come from daily paperwork.

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