Location 位置: Coco park’s podium, Shen Zhen 深圳購物公園平臺
Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途
Date 日期: 2015
Honey Crème’s new branch in Shen Zhen Coco park’s podium. APU transformed a minivan into the kiosk. The façade of the car use the black, white and yellow paint to continue the Honey Crème shop style. Vintage style lighting and other accessories are installed in the car to carry out a vintage style. Near the car front are cashier and pick-up area. Honey Crème transformed the original window into a open-able canopy and added a movable counter under the window for customer to place the ice-cream. When the counter and canopy are closed, the kiosk looks just like the original car. We believe this car will become a special spot in the Shen Zhen Coco park.
Honey Crème的店面,车身使用黑色、白色以及黄色的油漆来延续Honey Crème 风格,并使用复古灯及配件营造出复古风格,车头附近为收银处和取雪糕处,原本的车窗被改造为一块上开的蓬,窗下增加了一块可打开的台面,供客人摆放雪糕。当台面收起,关闭车蓬时,雪糕车就会恢复为一架车的模样。相信APU这个特别的雪糕车设计将会成为深圳购物公园一个特别的景点。

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