Oskar Ng is the Principal of Architectural Project Unit Ltd (APU). Over eight years of his professional practice, he has demonstrated his incredible talent and outstanding skills in master planning, as well as designing commercial, residential, industrial, office, and institutional buildings. After obtaining a bachelor in architecture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Oskar joined Linear City, a research unit, where he developed his philosophical thinking by contributing to a research on the relationship between railway development and urban development, which was covered in a publication released by Linear City in 2009.

Upon completion of his graduate studies, he gained considerable experience with Aedas Ltd., where he was part of the project team for the project of Venetian Macau – Parcel 1, responsible for producing construction drawings and detail design. Other than project management, he excels at turning an architectural concept into a real construction.

Oskar has been exploring his design passion and project management ability in ADRG and P&T Group since his master graduation. During his time with the firms, his involvement extended through the whole design process from schematic design to construction drawing production, of a vast range of projects from institutional refurbishment works in Hong Kong to large residential developments in the PRC.

In 2012, Oskar set up his own architectural design firm -- APU -- where he took on a wide spectrum of projects, from A&A works for industrial buildings and old tenement houses, luxury villas, to various medical cosmetic centers. Since its founding, the company has been targeting at not only Hong Kong local projects, including a children care centre for Hans Andersen Club and a showroom for ProTech Monte-Carlo, but also projects from overseas, such as a feasibility study of a commercial complex in Brunei.

吴锦胜目前在Architectural Project Unit Ltd(APU)担任董事。他在总体规划、商业、住宅、工业、办公及机构建筑设计方面均有丰富实践,积累了长达八年的专业经验。吴锦胜于香港中文大学取得学士学位后加入了一个名为“线性城市”的研究小组,他能从哲学的角度思考问题,为“铁路发展与城市开发之间的关系”课题研究作出重要贡献。线性城市于2009年发行的刊物就该课题研究进行了相关介绍。取得硕士学位后,他在Aedas事务所参与了大量的项目设计工作,其中包括澳门威尼斯人地块一项目的施工图和细部设计。他不仅擅长项目管理,也熟悉如何将概念性设计转变为具体的建筑。

他在研究生毕业后曾分别在ADRG和P&T两家建筑设计事务所工作,期间一直保持对设计的执着,不断提高项目管理能力。参与过的项目种类多样,涵盖香港机构建筑的翻新工程和中国内地的大型住宅开发项目。从方案设计到施工图设计,他参与项目的所有设计阶段。 2012年,吴锦胜设立了他自己的公司,即APU。业务范围较广,项目类型多样,涵盖工业大厦及旧唐楼的楼宇改善工程、豪华别墅设计以及多个医学美容中心设计。公司既有香港本土项目,例如安徒生会日间托儿中心和ProTechMonte-Carlo展示厅,亦有包括位于文莱的商业综合体可行性研究项目在内的海外项目。

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