HKIA Exhibition : For the City. For the Community. +-×÷
香港建筑师学会「筑。自室2之家 - 城÷」展览

Organizer 主辦單位: HKIA香港建築師學會   |   Location位置: Artis Tree, Taikoo Place, HK 香港太古坊 Artis Tree   |   Date 日期:  2016

In Sep-Oct 2016, Ms. Alice Chan, Director of APU, joined HKIA Exhibition “For the City. For the Community. +-×÷ “. Alice presented her portrait paintings of her adorable sons and incorporated the architectural ideas into her works.

于2016年9月至10月,APU董事陈咏欣小姐(Alice)参加了香港建筑师学会「筑.自室2之家-城÷」展览。 Alice以两个儿子的人像画参展,加入了建筑元素,配合「家」的主题。
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