Organizer 主办单位: Phoenix Satellite Television Co Ltd 凤凰卫视节目「香港新视点」
Location 地点: Qianhai, Shenzhen 深圳前海

APU is pleased to announce the launch of our new office in Qianhai, Shenzhen, PRC and we are honored to be invited for an interview by Phoenix Satellite Television Co Ltd. The program investigates Hong Kong-Shenzhen cross-border issues, international relations and financial services development. During the interview, APU shared its views on the opportunities and difficulties in business expansion into Qianhai and its business prospects. By taking the first step into the China market, APU will target for an ambitious worldwide expansion. 
To listen to the interview in its entirety, please visit the following link:
 APU位于深圳前海的办公室已于九月正式启用,并于较早前接受鳯凰卫视节目「香港新视点」访问。节目主要探讨中港两地议题﹑国际关系以及金融发展方向等多个方面。在本集访问中, APU和大家分享了进驻前海遇到的商机和困难,以及未来发展计划。 APU以前海作为发展内地市场的第一步,将会努力实现梦想, 进一步扩大版图。 

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