Location 位置: Kwai Chung, HK 葵涌   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2017 – 2018
Associated with Blackbird Concessionaires, the Official Ferrari Dealer in Hong Kong, APU acted as the Authorized Person and Project Architect for Blackbird’s Ferrari Technical Service Centre in Hong Kong, which is also certified as an Officina Ferrari Classiche Centre.
Acting as the lead consultant, APU transformed the 5,250 sq.m. godown space into a modern environmental-friendly repair workshop by applications and liaisons with various statutory bodies. In association with Blackbird Concessionaires and in compliance with Ferrari’s corporate requirements, the fine details and materials have been explored and experimented in this project in order to support the advanced equipment and facilities of Ferrari’s leading techniques in the automotive industry.
In the two-storey godown space, spatial arrangement for office, workshop and car storage was well organized to fully utilize the characteristics of the premises. With the advantage of the extremely high headroom, natural ventilation was implemented in the majority area of the workshop to enhance energy efficiency.  Choices of materials and finishes had been carefully tested and also attained a perfect balance between aesthetic and functional purposes.
APU获Ferrar的香港授权代理商Blackbird Concessionaires委任为品牌於葵涌售後服务及经典车维修中心的建築顾问。APU以项目首席顾问身分,为客户向各相关法定机构提交申请及磋商,成功把超过五千平方米的仓库用途转型为环保节能的维修中心。为配合法拉利代理商及法拉利意大利原厂的严谨标準规格及要求,所有细节及用料都经过严谨测试以支援品牌於业界的领先技术及先进仪器。

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