Location位置: Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong 香港赤鱲角机场
Type 类型:  Industrial 工业用途
Date 日期:  2016
APU is engaged by Linde HKO, a member of the Linde Group, for the demolition of Nitrogen Filling Station at Chek Lap Kok Airport. The Linde Group is a world leading supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases. Linde products and services can be found in nearly every industry, in more than 100 countries. The demolition will start in August and involve the removal of a long span steel structure, the foundation and the nitrogen tanks. Taking into consideration of airport operation for flight landing and take-off, the project timeframe is limited and tight which makes the project even more challenging.
APU受林德集团公司林德港氧委托参与其位于香港赤鱲角机场的氮气站清拆项目。 林德集团是工业气体、工序与 特殊气体的全球领先供货商,林德产品和服务几乎遍及每个行业,分布于100多个国家。 整个拆卸工程将于八月展 开,当中包括一个钢铁造的结构架、地基及需移除氮气贮存缸和其他配件。 由于施工时间需要配合香港机场的运作时间,这个拆卸项目是一个与时间竞赛、极具挑战性的工作。

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