Location 位置: Chai Wan, HK 香港柴湾   |   Type 类型:  Revitalization  活化项目   |   Date 日期:  2016
APU is engaged in the revitalization of Eltee Building, a conversion of existing industrial use into commercial use. The project involved Special Waiver Application and Architectural Design. Upon approval of the Special Waiver Application in November 2016, the project has now entered into the design stage. APU targets a new design to out stand the new commercial building use and to create a new landmark in the district.
APU被委托进行诚兴工业大厦的活化设计,是次活化工程拟将原有大厦之工业用途改为商业用途,项目涉及工厦的整幢改装申请建筑设计。 APU已于2016年11月成功协助客户取得初步之申请批准,项目现已进入设计阶段。 APU希望新的设计能带出大厦的新形象,使诚兴大厦成为区内耀眼的建筑物。

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