Location 位置: Causeway Bay, HK 香港铜锣湾   |   Type 类型: Mixed Use 综合用途   |   Date 日期: 201
​​​​​​​The design concept for the Western Banquet Restaurant of Craigengower Cricket Club located at Causeway Bay is a contemporary use of traditional design materials. APU adopted a mixed use of wood finishes, stone, metal and glass materials. In order to make the western restaurant more open and airy, a glasshouse design was adopted to create a semi-outdoor atmosphere and introduced natural light to the area. The grey mirrors installed at the bar area and the ceilings greatly strengthened the sense of space and layering whereas clear dining zones allowed neat table arrangement. In addition, the design focus was also on the relocation of main entrance. The new main entrance was relocated near the main staircase of the club, which made the new restaurant more eye-catching. Featured with simple stone finishes, the main entrance perfectly echoed with the interior design of the restaurant.
这个位于铜锣湾纪利华木球会内的会所宴会场地,设计概念是将传统的材料透过现代手法作出崭新的演绎。APU采用了传统木饰面,配以不同石材、铁器、玻璃等营造出现代感。为了增加西餐厅的开扬感,APU以玻璃盒的设计做出半户外空间,将餐厅空间与户外空间连接,以采纳更多自然光。APU亦于酒吧枱后及天花位置装上灰镜,大大加强了空间感和层次感。鲜明的用餐区域亦有效把不同大小的餐桌整齐排列。 除此之外,设计焦点也在于更改主入口的位置,新的主入口移至主楼梯位置,既可突出西餐厅的新形象,又可吸引会员光顾。主入口亦以简约的石材饰面设计,与室内设计互相呼应,増强室内外的一体性。

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