Location 位置: Kwun Tong, HK 香港观塘 | Type 类型: Industrial 工业用途 | Date 日期: 2016
​​​​​​​APU is engaged in the alteration and addition works of Milkyway Building. Under the Kwun Tong Town Centre Redevelopment Scheme, the Client considered the building repairs and refurbishment an opportunity to enhance the competitiveness of Milkyway Building. The project is currently in the design stage and we will soon introduce the brand new look of the building!
APU参与了润承大厦活化及改造项目。有见政府近年积极推行的观塘市中心重建项目,以及位于鸿图道之工商厦都陆续翻新或重建,客户希望润承大厦活化后,能提高大厦在 区内的竞争力。项目现已进入设计阶段,新的设计快将面世!

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