Location 位置: Fanling 香港粉岭   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2017
Fanling Centre is one of the leading one-stop destinations in Fanling District. Henderson Group aims to upgrade the refresh the shopping mall to introduce a brand new shopping experience for visitors. Situated in the hub of Fanling, Fanling Centre has visitors of all ages, APU, therefore, adopted a warm and harmony new design.
The new design is featured with a layered ceiling design at the entrance. With better planning of E&M services, the existing ceiling levels are raised to enhance sense of space. By using wood colour materials and adding lighting arrangement, the entrance echoes a welcoming first impression that takes visitors into the shopping mall zone.
The interior refurbishment also focuses on the re-layout and renovation of ground floor shops and lavatories for better space planning. White and light grey marble tiles are used for interior area. The designer also introducesd curvy design details to unify the overall harmony design. The timber baffle ceilings and black toned granite used in the lavatories renovation also added some modern components to the mall.
In order to provide better shopping experience for visitors, new facilities such as open courtyard space, F&B zone, barrier free access facilities and hygenic access (e.g. automatic doors) are also introduced to accommodate visitors’ needs and drive the shopping mall to further success.

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