Location 位置: Kowloon Tong, HK 香港九龙塘   |   Type 类型: Residential 住宅用途   |   Date 日期: 2015
The refurbishment works of the 4-storey detached house was completed in September. Simple yet sophisticated, the design and furnishings splash a natural style which perfectly matched with the natural surroundings. The house is featured with a largely natural colour palette that beautifully complements the slate flooring, pebble pool and glass ceiling. Blessed with natural sunlight, it gives a vacation-like relaxing moment. Echoing the indoor design, the rooftop featuring wooden flooring, pebble pool and plantation creates an urban oasis.
Residential design always expresses the owner’s unique personality. The rooms were designed with different styles and functions with regard to the personalities and habits of the owner and his family. The living room for hospitality is decored with the owner’s wine collection in blackened mirror; a small lounge area has been cordoned off in the master suite, leaving some private space for the spouse; the worship hall on the 2nd floor is furnished with light wood materials and introduces a contemporary ambience; whereas the bedroom for the owner’s son is designed in grey and modern tone.

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