Location 位置: Che Ha, Sai Kung, HK 香港西貢輋下 | Type 类型: Residential 住宅用途 | Date 日期: 2015 - 2018
The design and build project for Che Ha Village House has come to completion. The project involved rebuild of the village house, exterior design as well as interior design. The owners are passionate about Chinese culture and art, APU therefore incorporated Chinese-inspired style into contemporary design.

Space planning is an important component in this rebuild project. In order to maximize the interior space, tiles with only 2mm thickness were selected for external finish. Staircase design is also fundamental in the interior space planning. Instead of the widely adopted U-shaped staircases, APU designed straight staircases for the house. The often-overlooking area underneath the stairs and the head room was then turned into valuable space for storerooms and toilets.  Such efficient space planning took full advantage of the interior space and played an important role in the high level of interior spaciousness. 

In view of design, the exterior design was themed with wood pattern and natural color. APU established a strong embodiment of Chinese style through materials selection, color arrangement as well as the featured timber feature on the balcony. To further outstand the village house, APU embedded continuous diagonal line design in the balcony balustrades across different floors which subtly added modern elements into the main Chinese features.  On the other hand, white color theme was adopted for interior design to match with owner’s Chinese redwood furniture collection.  APU also further enhanced the interior sense of oriental style by creating a wooden feature wall and various Chinese art pieces and patterns on each floor.



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