Location 位置: Tuen Mun, HK 香港屯门   |   Type 类型: Commercial 商业用途   |   Date 日期: 2017
Henderson Group is carrying out interior refurbishment for Trend Plaza, which covers architectural works, structural works, plumbing & drainage works. Time constraint is always challenging for shopping mall A&A works. From planning, government submission to coordination with consultants and phasal constructions works, time management will be one of the keys to success. APU acts as the lead consultant and architectural consultant for the project. It is targeted that the refurbishment not only enhances the shopping mall facilities but also brings refreshing shopping experience to the visitors. 
One of the completed phasal work is the new lavatories renovation, which is featured with Zig-Zag design connecting through the internal space. While balancing between asthetic and functional purposes, the one-stop services concept is dedicated to providing a smooth and convenient routine for users. More phasal work is undergoing construction. Stay tuned with us!
恒基集团旗下的屯门时代广场正进行一系列商场改建及加建工程,项目包括建筑、结构、管道和排水等工程。商场改建项目一向极受时间限制,从计划、入则、统筹,以至各顾问间的合作及各阶段的施工都是与时间竞赛。 APU担任了项目总顾问及建筑顾问,是次项目重点除了提升商场的硬件配套,亦希望为顾客带来焕然一新感觉。


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