Location 位置: Tseung Kwan O, HK 将军澳   |   Type 类型: Public Utilities 公营服务   |   Date 日期: 2019 – Present
The project carried out by Water Supply Department will provide the first stage of the proposed seawater desalination plant using reverse osmosis at Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Area 137. The plant will have a water production capacity at 135,000 cubic metres (m3) per day with provision for future expansion to the ultimate water production capacity up to 270,000 m3 per day. APU provides Architectural and BIM Consultancy for the project.
由水務署執行的計劃,將軍澳(TKO)第137區使用反滲透技術,提供擬議海水淡化廠的第一階段。該工廠的水生產能力將達到每天135,000立方米(m3),並為將來的最終水生產能力擴展至每天270,000 m3。 APU為該項目提供建築和BIM諮詢。

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