Location位置: Brunei 文莱 | Type 类型:  Commercial 商业用途 | Date 日期:  2013 (Design Stage设计阶段
​​​​​​​The project composed of 3-storey of shopping mall, an office and a service apartment tower. The concept of the master planning and design is to establish a modern image to Brunei. The office building is the headquarter of MUD and the service apartment mainly served the foreign staffs working at the area. Therefore, the circulation and relationship between the shopping mall, office and service apartment is nicely designed so that it also acts as a local community for the staffs working there. The office and the shopping mall merged as a building. And the green roof at the top of the shopping mall just act as a garden connecting the two towers.
MUD 这个项目为MUD公司提供一个集办公、零售、住宅的地块设计。 整个项目的概念是要为文莱带来一个新的面貌。 由于办公楼主要为MUD公司提供舒适的工作环境、并为海外员工提供住宿需要,所以在整体布局上将办公楼及商场连成一体,把服务式住宅楼独立处理。 住宅楼跟商场之间以桥梁连接起来。 商场屋顶上的绿化成为连接当地块办公及住宿的小区联系。

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