Location 位置: Shau Kei Wan, HK 香港筲箕灣   |   Type 类型: Community 社区项目   |   Date 日期: 2018
APU was engaged in the refurbishment works of the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (SRACP) - Shau Kei Wan House. The main idea of the building repair was to re-design the building with a refreshing image of SRACP while outstanding its vision and mission – contributing to the development of an inclusive and safe society and providing quality rehabilitation and multifarious services. In order to create a fresh and eye-catching image for the building façade, APU added the organization’s signature orange into the main grey color theme. The external wall was also patterned with two grades of grey materials and different dynamic lines and geometries to create a modern and energetic design. Regarding the interior design, design ideas were adopted according to the practical uses of different zones. The ground floor lobby was designed as a bright and welcoming common area while the first floor to the third floor living area was themed to be warm and harmony in order to provide a cozy and homely atmosphere for the dwellers.

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