Organizer 主办单位: Bo Charity Foundation Ltd. (Food Angel) 小宝慈善基金 (惜食堂)   |   Venue 地点: Olympian City, HK 香港奥海城   |   Date 日期: 2014
Size 尺寸: Approx 1.9m (L) x 1.9m (W) x 2.0m (H) 约1.9米(长)× 1.9米(宽)× 2.0米(高)
Our turtle is a newborn baby turtle. In the model, it has four parts : sand, egg, turtle body and turtle shell. We use different colors to show different parts. As you can see there are some white cans on the turtle's hand and head, it means the baby turtle just born from the turtle's egg.  We hope that the public would understand Hong Kong has a unique natural ecology through small turtles and arouse public awareness of environmental protection.  
Probably unknown to the younger generations, Hong Kong was once upon a time where sea turtles regularly came to breed. Places like Sham Wan in Lamma Island, and even Shau Kei Wan in Hong Kong Island were visited by them. Because of water pollution and changes in the coastline, it is now a rare scene for sea turtle to lay eggs in Hong Kong. Our sculpture "Sea Turtle" is to share our hope with the public that together, we can improve Hong Kong's environment, and have sea turtles "MADE IN HONG KONG" once again. 
海龟在香港产卵可能对年轻一代来说是闻所未闻,但很多年前海龟曾经常来产卵。由南丫岛深湾,甚至香港岛的筲箕湾也曾发现他们的影踪。由于水质污染和海岸线的​​变化,海龟在香港产卵现在却成为难得的画面。我们的雕塑“海龟”,就是跟公众分享我们的希望,我们可以改善香港的环境,再次令海龟“MADE IN HONG KONG“。

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