Organizer 主办单位: APU, Lok Sin Tong, CLP Power   |   Venue 地点: Kowloon City, HK 香港九龙城   |   Date 日期: 2015
As a community caring company, APU dedicated to support charitable activities. We also encourage our employees to participate in voluntary work and build a harmonious society. APU co-operated in an elderly caring event with The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. The aim of the activity was to provide safety evaluation service and improvement works for the home of elderly. 
作为一家良好企业公民,APU积极关怀社群,支持不同的公益活动,并鼓励员工参与义务工作,致力帮助弱势社群改善生活,共建和谐社会。 APU与九龙乐善堂及中电合办了「乐融融」长者家居安全及优化生活计划。活动主旨为九龙城区内独居或双老长者,提供上门家居安全评估及改善工作,让长者窝居得以优化,以获得更舒适和安全的生活。

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